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Antique Living Room Furniture

Any piece of furniture which is 75-100 years old or even more than that qualifies as an antique furniture. Antique furniture includes chairs, cabinets, couches, tables and a whole range belonging to different periods. Antique furniture styles had distinguishing characteristics depending on different time periods in terms of materials used, carvings, joints and styles.

Antique Furniture Material

  • Wood
  • Wrought Iron
  • Marble
  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Stone

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Styles of Antique Furniture

Antique Living Room Furniture

  • Antique Victorian furniture belongs to Victorian era and is very remarkable. The Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria, who ruled UK from 1837 to Jan 1901. It is this time when Britishers actually grew and prospered. Very famous Charles Eastlake, antique Victorian furniture designer was also there in this era. Shallow incisions and turnings, less showy and less complicated furniture designs are the features of antique Victorian furniture.
  • Styles of antique furniture varies from era to era, from country to country. The antique American furniture was made using Ash, Mahogany, Walnut with more emphasis on sturdiness than on design. The main ornamentation was done by using relief carving.
  • Antique Living Room Furniture The European antique furniture made extensive use of Pine, Maple, Walnut with lacquer, veneer and heavy moldings to give a heavy look.
  • The Indian Antique furniture reflected excellent craftsmanship of the Mughal Era and Indian Rajas and Maharajas.
  • The French antique furniture has always been given the famous French polishing for restoration and maintenance of furniture. The style and designs of antique iron furniture can vary from French accents to pieces with Egyptian influence. The use of marble for making furniture can be traced back to the 6th century.
  • The Greek antique furniture made use of stone to make bulky pieces of furniture. It was also seen in the Roman civilization, the use of marble with more complex designing of furniture. Marble was used along with wood and bronze with elegant inlays. Over the years, these furniture is given high tech coatings for durability and maintenance.

Antique Furniture Market

There is worldwide growing market for antique living room furniture. Countries like Indonesia, China are exporting traditional antique furniture and reproductions to a number of countries. Antique furniture with Oriental influence is also in great demand. A number of Asian countries like China, Philippines and India are exporting high quality wrought iron antique furniture to meet the growing customer demand. Antique Italian marble furniture is highly demanded by the international buyers.