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Living Room Furniture Trends 2011/ Color Trends 2012

Living Room Furniture Trends 2011

For ease of understanding, the living room furniture trends 2011 have been jotted down in points according to the latest furniture designs made available in the market by leading furniture manufacturers.

  • Bright colored furniture along with bright curtain and other furnishings fabrics. Examples- red, yellow, violet and orange shades in living room furniture including sofa etc.
  • Simple furniture designs instead of flashy designs.
  • Focus on ergonomic designs for comfortable furniture. Examples- living room furniture with comfortable seats, high backs, supporting arm rests etc.
  • Use of traditional woven fabrics, quilted finish in sofas, arm chairs, lamp shades etc. Main focus is on providing texture to the simple designs.

Living Room Color Trends 2012

While those who have changed their living room furniture in 2011 will certainly not like to invest again on the expensive furniture in 2012, they can however go for an experiment with colors by knowing the color trends for living room in 2012. Here are some for you.
  • Along with the trend of dark rich colors of 2011, there will be equal preference to earth tones as well as jeweled tones.
  • Neutrals like khaki, taupe, camel, sandstone will be widely used by living room decorators.
  • Browns would show more of red and yellow undertones.
  • Red- the classic color- will be preferred in its darker tones.
  • Even golden and sunny yellow colors will be warmer and would have more red influence.
  • People who prefer sophisticated hues may go for navy, indigo and royal blue that will also be a major color trend in 2012.

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