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How to Make Small Living Room Look Larger

27 December 2010- Small living room can sometimes be a very painful experience for people who want to decorate home elaborately. There seems to be very few small living room decorating ideas working for so small a space. However, it is said that where there's a will, there's a way. So, if you want your small living room look larger and decorated in special way, you just have to think creatively and use your living room furniture, decorating accessories and lighting wisely! This article will help you by giving some tips on how to make a small living room look larger enough to give an impression of lavish decorating!

Small Living Room Ideas # 1- Arrange Furniture with Caution!

The most important part of a small living room decorating project is to arrange furniture with careful thoughts. Create a natural flow by arranging furniture in an unblocked way

  • Place your furniture near walls and away from the doors and windows of your small living room. The more floor is visible, the more large your small living room will appear.
  • Don't place anything in a manner that blocks the walkway.
  • Instead of angled furniture, select more curvier furniture for your small living room.
  • If you are about to buy such furniture as sofa or chairs, buy armless sofa or armless chair. This will be a space saving idea as well as armless furniture will give a flow to your small living room.
  • Instead of wood, go for glass living room furniture. Anything that allows light to pass through gives an impression of larger space.

Small Living Room Ideas # 2- Use Colors and Patterns Wisely!

If you wisely use living room wall colors and other patterns, you can make your small living room look larger.

Small Living Room Ideas
Small Living Room Ideas for Patterns
  • Although using neutral and solid colors is a classic trick for small living room, many interior decorators now prefer to use multiple colors to give the eyes of onlookers reasons to move around for longer.
  • You can use patterns like stripes etc. to give your small living room some depth. You can use furniture pieces with patterns for the purpose like a herringbone wingback side chair or accessories like a plaid throw on sofa.
Small Living Room Ideas
Small Living Room Ideas for Furniture

Small Living Room Ideas # 3- Use Creative Lighting!

Lights can just bring magic by playing around with reflections and shadows to make your small living room look larger!

Small Living Room Ideas
Small Living Room Ideas for Lighting
  • Test the various types of bulbs before using them, it should bring warmth. CFL bulbs, for example are closer to daylight and are also warm in feeling.
  • Keep the intensity of lights in your living room similar otherwise darker or lighter corners could be overemphasized.
  • Instead of using one big light use multiple light sources. For example, use 4-5 floor lamps of equal height to keep the eyes moving.

Small Living Room Ideas # 4- Use Accessories for Larger Impressions!

Some living room accessories can make your small living room look larger than you can imagine.

Small Living Room Ideas
Small Living Room Ideas for Accessories
  • Use wall mirrors to create illusion of more space . If placed strategically, they reflect light and creat illusion of bigger space.
  • Other attractive accessories like a window with a scenic view, a doorway into another room, a fireplace, or artwork can also create such illusion.
  • Group small decorative pieces in clusters instead of scattering them all over the small living room.