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Victorian Living Room Furniture

The living room is assumed to be the most important room in anyone's home. Among several styles available for living room furniture, Victorian living room furniture is the most renowned one reflecting class, status and richness. Talking about Victorian lifestyle, it aroused many styles related to 19th century like Europe and American styles consisting classical Greek, Tudor, Gothic, Elizabethan, Italian, Egyptian and Oriental.

Materials Used for Victorian Style Furniture

Victorian Style Living Room Furniture
Victorian Style Furniture
Victorian living room furniture is highly known for its rich upholstery and carved ornamentations. Generally, pieces of furniture were made from solid, bulging and high quality woods like walnut, rosewood, mahogany and satinwood. Along with this, Victorian style comprises covering tables or any surface with linens, cloths and fringed shawls. For upholstery and draperies in living room furniture, wool, velvet, satin, silk, damask, chintz and chenille were used.

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Styles of Victorian Living Room Furniture

One of the most amazing and astonishing living room furniture in the world is of the Victorian genre. In the history, Victorian era gave us some of the biggest artistic advances and elegant designs of several types of Victorian furniture. These furniture lend more rustic and dignified appearance. The Victorian style reflected upholstered furniture with curving shapes and deep buttons styles.

There are varied designs of Victorian style furniture available in the market. Coil springs developed in 1850's helped in making Victorian Chairs, Settees and Ottomans fully overstuffed. Usually, furniture pieces are supported by fluted and cabriole legs. Scroll work on sofa rails, chairs and couches characterized carvings of flowers, leaves, vines, acorns and grapes. Strong and vibrant colors feature the Victorian style, thus Victorian living room furniture. The Victorians style includes covering tables or any available surface with linens, cloths and fringed shawls. Velvet, satin, silk, damask, wool, chintz and chenille were used for draperies and upholstery in living room furniture. Strong, vibrant colors characterize the Victorian style.