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Traditional Living Room Furniture

Traditional living room furniture is distinctive in look, in its design elements, and cannot be easily confused with any other furniture styles. In spite of emergence of modern, contemporary styles of furniture, traditional styles furniture is always comforting and classic. With traditional furniture, the entire look of the living room becomes ethnic and traditional and we will find nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional room.
Traditional Living Room Furniture
Traditional Living Room Furniture
Every country has its own style and designs of traditional furniture that is beyond comparison. Like you can get the English traditional living room furniture that is dated back to the time of Monarch. Even the style vary with the period and rulers. Then there is a French style furniture that has the scrolls, carvings, serpentine fonts and with many chests and cabinets. The American traditional living room furniture was greatly inspired by the European style. It is usually very simple and comfy. Indian traditional living room furniture is mostly made from wood that is greatly carved and quiet heavy. So there are different styles and designs of the furniture that can be placed in the living room depending upon space and personal taste.

Styles of Traditional Living Room Furniture

Wood is the most common material used in making traditional living room furniture. Wooden traditional furniture usually have a mix of straight and curved lines. Edges of any furniture are soft, smooth, and blended into the whole. Traditional style furniture features warm, rich finish woods, often with intricate carvings.

There may also be light carving in the traditional living room furniture. To give a traditional look, wood pieces will often be finished with darker stains. It might also use lighter woods as long as the lines of each piece are classic. The delicate curves of this furniture is combined with the luxurious wood to create an air of elegance to the living room. The living room traditional furniture is characterized by rolled arms and beautifully carved wood trims. Upholstered traditional furniture exhibits classic lines and understated details. Traditional living room furniture has a functional, unfussy, and restful looking.

Apart from wood you can also buy the leather traditional style furniture to give your living room a very sophisticated look. The gentle details of the leather furniture add a class to your living room and give it a magnifying feel. You can customise the color of leather traditional living room furniture. Apart from this large floral patterns are also part of traditional style furniture.

Traditional Style Furniture
Traditional Style Furniture

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Styles of Traditional Living Room Furniture in India

Indians are fond of furniture with inlaid and carved work. The styles of traditional furniture like
  • Thacket Furniture
  • Jali Furniture
  • Sikar Furniture
  • Bamboo Furniture
  • Traditional Rajasthan Handicrafted Furniture
  • Traditional Jodhpur Furniture
has been influenced from the times of the Kings and is usually made from quality Sheesham wood.

Another elegant technique used in Indian traditional furniture since ancient times is the inlaying of different kinds and colors of woods in a single piece. In addition to this, shells and enamel chips, brilliant, colorful, and artistically grained jade, stones, ivory are used for inlaid designs. Indian wooden furniture still maintains its traditional technique of using simple tools and processes in its production. Because of this, there is always an ethnic flavor to be found in the furniture. Indian wooden traditional furniture is the symbol of durability and elegance.

Without a doubt, traditional style remains at the top of the popularity charts in home decorating be it in India or China or America or any other country. The traditional furniture features "historical themes" of 18th and 19th century.

Gracious and inviting, traditional living room furniture design evokes images of understated elegance, and the warmth and classical comfort many of us remember from our childhood homes. While elegance and history still personify the traditional style, a definite and growing movement to bring traditional design into a fresher, new more relaxed realm is well underway. The new identity of traditional furniture is sometimes different, but is still of fine woodworking and carving, craftsmanship and graceful lines.

Traditional Living Room Furniture
Traditional Living Room Furniture

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