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Living Room Paintings

Living room paintings and art prints are a great way to enhance the otherwise drab walls of a living room. They can also express the personal style and tastes of the home owner. If you are an art lover, incorporating a wall painting by your favorite artist or fine arts prints into your room decor makes a perfect style statement. There are many types of paintings that can be used to decorated walls of living room including the traditional wall paintings and oil paintings. If someone find them too expensive then there are cheap paintings too like reproduction oil paintings for living room decor.
Paintings and Art Prints
Painting For Living Room

Wall Paintings For Living Room

Paintings are the best option for interior decorations and they add a pleasant aesthetic value to the rooms. Wall paintings for living room are available in all sizes. Whether to choose a painting or reproduction from one's favorite artists or to choose classical or contemporary painting, is an individual choice. However, one should always consider the overall living room decor when buying painting so that it matches with the decor and the living room space. An antique wall painting would definitely look odd with contemporary furniture of a modern living room!

When it comes to size, over-sized wall paintings look great in both larger and smaller rooms. For larger living room walls, over-sized paintings cover a lot of bare territory while on smaller walls, over-sized paintings can create the illusion of largeness. Paintings hanged in the hallway offset the drabness

Oil Paintings For Living Room

Oil Painting for Living Room
Oil Painting
Among all types of paintings, oil paintings create unusual interest that comes from the unique color combination used for making these paintings. There are many alternatives regarding usage of oil paintings like if someone has collection of beautiful frames, they can match and hang oil painting using these frames. Oil painting can also be made from photos. Then there are oil painting on canvas and oil paintings reproduction etc. If looking for cheap paintings, then the most discounted items in oil paintings are the Indian and Chinese oil paintings. If cost is not an issue then one can even go for classics and buy original paintings of maestros like those of Raja Ravi Varma that are one of the ever best paintings for living room. Modern oil paintings usually include canvas oil paintings and look good too. Reproduction oil paintings of great maestros - old as well as contemporary - too are available for decorating walls of living room.

Decorative Paintings For Living Room

Other than wall paintings, another way to interior decorating a living room is art prints. Art prints provide the perfect finishing touch to the decor of a living room. They instantly breathe life into the space. The art prints not only add color but they also expand space, create themes, add emotion, and express personality as well as interest and make it feel like home.

Decorative paintings and art prints come in different design options when it comes to re-envisioning your home space. Art prints are great for making a small room look big. For example, to include an over-sized print of a landscape or seascape gives your living room the illusion of largeness. For living rooms with low ceilings, hanging an art print with long vertical lines gives a sense of height. An overly bright room can be easily softened and warmed up with the right art print.

Buy Paintings for Living Room

Oil Painting of Raja Ravi Varma
Raja Ravi Varma Painting
Here are some websites that sell various types of paintings that can interest you for decorating living room. You can buy paintings online from these websites or view masterpieces for your guidance on what type of painting will suit your living room decor. You can go to the respective website to buy paintings online.

Indian Paintings- http://www.indianmasterpainters.com/- Buy Indian paintings made exclusively by Indian painters here.

CyberKerala- http://www.cyberkerala.com/rajaravivarma/ - See oil paintings and Oleographs of Raja Ravi Varma here.

Chinese Paintings- http://www.chinesepaintings.com/ - If you are looking for cheap paintings, buy Chinese paintings and Calligraphy artwork here.

Canvaz- http://www.canvaz.com/ - Buy oil paintings here.

Amsterdam Art Gallery- http://artgallery.com.ua/index.php - Buy all types of paintings here like landscape paintings, watercolor paintings, abstract paintings, flower paintings, still life paintings, nude paintings, surrealism paintings, and modernism paintings. As far as medium and material are concerned, you can buy oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel paintings, paintings on canvas, paper or cardboard here.

Painting Palace- http://www.painting-palace.com/ - It is a source supplier of oil paintings and supply exclusively to commercial customers like wholesaler, retailer, distributor, importer, art dealer, or trader of paintings in any other way.

If you are a wholesale dealer of paintings, you can also send us your buying requirements for all types of paintings. Send us your requirement to buy Decorative Paintings For Living Room or other paintings by filing up this simple enquiry form.