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Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets can change the look of your entire living room. Whether your whole room is covered by a carpet or just a corner of your room the central portion of your room by a rug, the entire look of the room is enhanced. Carpets and Rugs have always played an indispensable role in giving our homes perfect make overs.
Rugs and Carpets Materials used in making carpets and rugs
  • Jute Carpets/Rugs
  • Silk Carpets/Rugs
  • Coir Carpets/Rugs
  • Wool Carpets/Rugs
  • Nylon Carpets/Rugs
  • Bamboo Carpets/Rugs
  • Staple/Synthetic Carpets/Rugs

Carpets and Rugs by Design
  • Kashmir Carpets
  • Kerman Carpets
  • Mahal Carpets
  • Nain Carpets
  • Nepalese Carpets
  • Oriental Carpets
  • Oushak Carpets
  • Persian Carpets
  • Sarough Carpets
  • Tabriz Carpets
  • Tibetan Carpets
  • Turkish Carpets
  • Cotton Printed Rugs
  • Traditional Rugs
  • Modern Rugs
  • Tribal Rugs
Carpets and Rugs by Weave
  • Hand Knotted Carpets
  • Hand Tufted Carpets
  • Hand Woven Carpets
  • Braided Carpets etc.
Thus, there are wide variety of choices are available. Keeping in mind the color of the room, the furniture and other accessories, carpets and rugs are wonderful accents in your room.