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Silk Plants

Quality Silk Plants and Artificial Flowers can make a great alternative to the real flowers. Most silk/artificial flowers manufactured today are so realistic that it is hard to tell them from their living counterparts. In addition to being economical, these flowers require little or no care.
Decorative Silk Plants for Living Room The artificial plants made of plastic, silk and any other synthetic fabric are great for your living room or living room entryway. These artificial plants or trees have a natural look with leaves and stems. The attractive plants or flowers are popular with interior designers and those looking for something stylish and different. They can make any entrance look impressive. Larger artificial or silk plants can do wonders for an empty corner of your living room room while smaller silk plants can make great centerpieces for your coffee table.
Some varieties of Artificial Silk Plants
  • Cedar Trees
  • Pine Trees
  • Weeping Willow Trees
  • Palm Trees
  • Japanese Maple Trees
  • Fern Trees
  • Topiaries
  • Money Plant
  • Silk Orchid Plants
  • Silk Hanging Plants
  • Aloe Plants and Cactus Plants
  • Bomsai Palnts
  • Silk Hand-knitted Flowers
  • Silk Rose
  • Silk Floating Flowers
  • Beautiful Silk Peonies
Reasons to pick artificial plants over the real ones:
  • These plants offer long term savings over the real ones. This is because they require very little attention or care.
  • There are no insects with artificial plants. Insects infest the moisture in live plants or flowers.
  • Artificial plants do not cause allergies compared to the real plants, trees or flowers.
  • These plants will never outgrow the space and they require no pruning.
  • The problem of water leaking from pots and smudging the area of your room is eliminated completely.
  • There is no need to use harmful pesticides.
  • You can add and rearrange artificial and silk flowers and plants to meet your individual tastes at any time.