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Wall Mirrors

Decrative Wall mirrors have the unique combination of being both stylish and functional and they are a basic yet profoundly important accessory for any home. A quality mirror is a staple of almost any room's decorating project. A mirror is not only reflection of yourself but also a reflection of your room's style and integrity.
Living Room Wall Mirrors When you pick a mirror, logic and art come into play. The mirror must fit the room and the wall space available. Moreover, when you place a mirror you should consider where the light sources are located. A mirror across from a window can magnify and enhance the play of light in your room. Mirrors can make rooms more inviting and magnify every mood and decorative style.

Living Room Mirrors come in variety of styles, shapes and sizes. The frame of the mirror is made of wood, metal, plastic, brass and even silver. The actual beauty of the mirror lies on the frame. The frame can be plain, simple or ornately carved. Some mirrors have large, ornate frames to stand alone as works of art. There are rustic mirrors with that natural aura or a contemporary mirror. Contemporary mirrors may not always be heavily ornamented with filigreed frames or cluttered adornment. The focus is also on shape and texture. It is a whole new look for your living or work space when you add a finely designed wall mirror.