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Curtains/ Living Room Curtains

Flary curtains, decorative curtains rods and the latest curtain styles for sure can easily catch the eyes of everyone and you will surely get applaud. Decorative curtains for living room with curtain rods are the best way to spruce up the interior of any home. Moreover addition of living room curtains into your home decor is a great way to complement the furniture of your room.
Living Room Curtain and Curtain Rod
Living Room Curtain and
Curtain Rod
Curtains for living room also block out the light around your windows and include some warm or bright colors in your space. When it comes to hanging your curtains to decorate living room, there are a different varieties of curtains and curtain rods to choose from.

Living room is generally the biggest room in a home with large windows. Moreover there are very less and bulky things covering the wall. Therefore the need of living room curtains from the decoration point of view is must. You can take the full advantage of fabric as it will be very beautifully shown.

Although you will get the ready made curtains but the custom curtains that are made on the requirements of the customer are more popular. The retail shop of furnishing from where you have selected the fabric for curtain provide you with the sewing of custom curtains. Their skilled man will first get the measurement of your living room and then make your custom curtains.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Living Room Curtains

Before buying the living room curtains you will have to consider many things. Such as
  • Would you like to have a valance or pelmet above curtains?
  • How would you like to display the living room curtains. Like hanging straight down or tied back.
  • Would you like to have lining for your curtain styles or not?
  • Do you need pull cords for the living room curtains or not?
  • The required length of the living room curtains. For windows it can be till floor or at the end of the window.

Curtain Styles

Curtains styles for sure gonna make huge difference in the appeal of the room. The curtain styles can make it look traditional or modern. To bring out the best in your selected curtain styles be very specific while choosing the fabric as wrong selection can mar the appeal of the curtain styles. Also consider your living room size and shape.

Floor Length Living Room Curtains

Floor length living room curtains look exceptionally good on the doors and even on the windows if you have a very large room. But if the room size is less then for windows do not use the floor length living room curtains. But if you want to do this then buy very light furniture that can be made from cane or bamboo. Hard wooden heavy furniture will not look good in a small living room.

Floor Length Living Room Curtains
Floor Length Living Room Curtains

Tie Back Curtains

Tie back living room curtain styles looks superb. You can use the curtain accessories like tassel, tie back clips, a holder to tie the curtains. Either the tie back curtains can be hanged single of you can place a light fabric between the two curtains that will remain open even when you gonna tie back the two curtains at side.

Floor Length Living Room Curtains
Floor Length Living Room Curtains

Curtains with Valence

Valance is a one of the ways of curtain styles that looks very royal. The valance starts from the top of the curtain and very short. The end of the valance can be decorated with fringes. Although you can same color of valance as that of your curtain but the contrasting colors are more popular.

Living Room Curtains with Valence
Living Room Curtains with Valence

Curtains with Pelmets

If you are going with traditional living room decor then living room curtains with pelmet with suit the style. Generally wooden pelmet is used for the living room that can be decorated with the polish or, curtain fabric can be attached to it on the visible side. Besides wood, hard cardboard is also used to make the pelmet. Irrespective to the material there are numerous pelmet designs that you can pick and use.

Living Room Curtains with Pelmets
Living Room Curtains with Pelmets
The selection of living room curtain style and design depends upon the interior decor and color theme. Also the size, budget and shape of the living room with define the curtain styles. If you already has a curtain style in mind then choose the fabric, design and pattern very carefully as some designs look good on particular fabric only. If there is too much light coming to your living room then you can think of using inner lining to protect your curtains from Sunlight that can change the color of the fabric.
Living Room Decorating Ideas

Window Curtains for Living Room

You can pick the living room curtains to match way type of decor like traditional, contemporary, Victorian et al. Giving an air of comfort to your living room, window curtains add enormous personality to a room. Windows are treated to various types of curtains such as
  • Sash curtain which is used to filter light.
  • Draw curtain which is used to block out light.
  • Over-drapery curtain which is purely used for decorative purpose.

Living Room Curtain Fabric

There is an endless choice of fabric for living room curtains. You can pick either single style or mix and match two different fabrics for curtains. But in the two selected fabrics there should some harmony in terms of color, weave. You can also go with the contrasting shades and match the one with your wall color.
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Brocade
  • Satin
  • Net
  • Velvet
  • Damask
A part of the rich appearance of curtains depend upon proper lining and interlining. All these fabrics are available in multitude of colors and prints ranging from plain, solid to stripes and checks to floral, abstract and other prints and are further embellished with the help of dyes, applique work, beads, sequins and embroideries.

Dressing up a window today not only refer to putting a nice curtain but also other accessories related to it. In very formal rooms, these curtains are topped with a cornice or valance or pelmet to hide the hardware. There are decorative rings and tassels as well to tie the curtains to give an impressive look. There are decorative curtain rods as well to hang the curtains which can add greatly to the look of the room.

Decorative Curtain Rods

Decorative Curtain Rods
Decorative Curtain Rods
When talking of living room curtains, decorative curtain rods can not be left behind. Curtains have to be hanged and decorative drapery rods are the best option for living rooms. There are many types of curtain rods that can be categorized according to materials, styles and mechanism. Based on materials, the decorative curtain rods can be decorative wood and metal curtain rods.
  • Wood Curtain Rods
  • Wrought Iron Curtain Rods
  • Steel Curtain Rods
  • Brass Curtain Rods
  • Aluminum Curtain Rods
  • Fiber Curtain Rods
  • Plastic Curtain Rods
  • Cast Iron Curtain Rods
  • Silver Curtain Rods
Further to give an enhanced look, these rods are ornately carved and available in various colors to suit any living room decor and furnishings. The decorative curtain rods with matching living room curtains make any window or door a decorative masterpiece.

Based on style and looks, the decorative curtain rods can be
  • Double curtain rods
  • Rustic curtain rods
  • Contemporary curtain rods
These varied styles of decorative curtain rods make it easier to find the one that is most suitable for the home decor style. For example, if you are looking for Ideas for Living Room Rustic Decor, you can simply buy some rustic curtain rods along with other rustic furniture to get the true spirit of rustic decor!

Based on mechanism, the decorative curtain rods can be
  • Adjustable curtain rods
  • Motorized curtain rods
  • Corner curtain rods