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Living Room Sofas

Living room sofas are the most important and indispensable furniture if going by the standard definition of a living room. A living room is incomplete without a sofa. There are so many types of living room sofas that one has to think twice about what makes the perfect sofa for the living room? A living room sofa manufacturer makes all types of sofas as per the needs of various sizes, shapes and styles of modern living rooms.
Living Room Sofas The selection of a sofa, however, depends entirely on individual choice, requirement, budget and most important of all- the living room decor. Living room sofas are bought on the basis of their coordination with other living room furniture, their color, pattern and the decor of the whole room.

Living Room Sofa Designs

Living room sofas are available in a variety of sizes. As sofa in living room is considered to be the primary furniture piece for comfortable seating, manufacturers these days make them in all types of material and designs. One can find wooden sofa as well as metal sofas made of steel or wrought iron. Then there are leather sofas, upholstered sofas- both in traditional furniture as well as contemporary furniture designs. Based on the living room sofas designs, this furniture can be categorized into three basic types of sofas available in the modern furniture market:

Three Seater Sofas - The living room sofas with three seats have approximate measurement of 2000mm X 1000mm X 700mm that can differ for customized needs. The dimensions of a three seat sofa includes the side arms. This type of living room sofas can be arranged along the length of the wall.

Two Seat Sofas - The two seater sofas for living room are sometimes also referred to as love seats. These living room sofas measure approximately 1600mm X 900mm X 700mm. They are mostly preferred for small living rooms.

Single Seater Sofas - One seat sofas measure approximately 1000mm X 900mm X 700mm. In fact, a single seat sofa is included in living room sofa sets (these sofa sets have a three seat sofa along with two single seat sofas.) However, they can also be purchased separately. The recliner sofa chair is an advanced form of single seat sofa that are much more comfortable than the traditional sofa designs.
Apart from the above three basic living room sofa designs, there also comes the modern sofa design in form of living room sectional sofas that have multiple seats.

Living Room Sectionals

Living Room Sectional Sofa Sectional couches or sofas that are popular as living room sectionals are designed by manufacturers keeping in view the seating requirements of a living room that is large or has uncommon shapes. As opposed to a conventional sofa design, sectionals have multiple independent pieces that can be arranged in a number of different positions. Thus, living room sectionals are more versatile seating solutions than the common three seater couch. Sometimes a sectional couch is essentially a two piece sofa set that can be arranged to form a perfect ninety-degree angle in the living room. Many other sectional couches have four to seven pieces in the set that may be arranged in a number of different ways. Typically, most of these pieces include a seat cushion paired with a back cushion. One or two pieces include an armrest on the left or right side. As the pieces of living room sectionals can be used to form various sofa designs- ranging from a single long seating area to the traditional L shaped sofa area, many home owners prefer these sectional couches with multiple sections over other types of living room sofas. Some of the popular living room sectional sofa designs include:
  • Leather Sectional Couch
  • Microfiber Sectional Couch
  • Reclining Sectional Couch
  • Sectional Sofa Bed
  • Home Theater Sectional Couch
  • Living Room Sectionals With Chaise And Ottoman
  • Circular Sectional Couch
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Types of Living Room Sofas

Living room sectionals are only one among the many types of living room sofas. As living room sofas are meant for relaxing during leisure time, listening to music, watching TV, reading, entertainment with friends and relatives and sharing light moments with family members, a range of options are designed by a living room sofa manufacturer. Some of the very popular living room sofas available with todays living room sofas wholesalers and suppliers are listed here. See and read Wooden Sofa Sets For A Wooden Living Room Decor