Cane Furniture

Cane furniture brings the elegance to your living room and it is the part of our old heritage. In India the cane furniture dates back to 2nd Century AD. It is very light in weight and available in warm, soft and very earthy colors. Also the aesthetic appeal of bamboo cane furniture is unmatchable. Because not much polishing is done on the raw material while making cane furniture so it looks really natural and creates the natural environment.
Cane furniture is made from the cane wood that is a renewable resource and grows abundantly in jungles. Per day a cane jungle can grow about 20 centimeters. Cane is a very strong, durable and easy to work upon material. It can be moulded and used to make chairs, cane sofa, stools, bookshelves, couches and other cane living room furniture.

How To Make Cane Furniture?

To make furniture the leaves are first shredded from the cane stem and the stems are then dried under sun for few hours. These are then hanged in the shade for retaining elasticity. Then the cane is heated. After this it is molded with hands into various shapes to make the cane furniture. Then glue and screws are used to fix the different components of the furniture. This is the way to create frame for cane furniture. Following this is the wrapping and dying. In order to protect the cane furniture from parasites it is treated with chemicals and given a coat of lacquer.

Of all kinds of cane, three varieties of Assamese cane are very durable. These are
  • Jati
  • Chunni
  • Raidang
From Raidang, very strong cane furniture frames are made as this variety of cane has a big circumference. The strands of Jati are used for knitting the frame. The whole cane furniture is then polished and varnished.

Cane furniture like cane sofa and all are different from wooden furniture in design. These have more or less bowl like seating and very comfortable