Rattan Furniture

Rattan living room furniture is made from the rattan that is a long stem with uniform diameter. The stem is not hollow like bamboo. The outer portion of rattan stem is very hard whereas the inner portion is soft and porous. One more good thing about rattan is that it grows round the year so not harvesting period and wait to make the fab looking rattan furniture.
Rattan Living Room Furniture
Rattan Living Room Furniture
Rattan furniture wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and exporters provide all kinds of rattan living room furniture as well as garden, patio, conservatory rattan furniture for your home. You can make your home a designer statement with the rattan furniture.

Rattan living room furniture has very innovative designs that no other furniture can have. The look is really trendy and of present day.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is a climbing vine that is the raw material used in making rattan furniture and cane furniture. Rattan furniture is mostly confused with bamboo furniture, but bamboo stems are hollow from inside and rattan are porous. Although rattan is cultivated across the world but the best species are available in South east Asia. So most of the rattan furniture wholesale is done from this part of the world. The annual trade of rattan is close to £3 billion.

Rattan stems are very long and the longest one is 175 m long. To make rattan living room furniture, rattan gatherers pull the vein from the forest canopy and remove all the leaves, spiny sheath and whips. After this the rattan stems are dried under the sun and smoked over burning sulphur. Whereas large stems are boiled in oil having palm oil and diesel oil. This helps in removing natural gums, moisture and wood boring beetle attack. This rattan stem is then used to make rattan living room furniture or any other kind of rattan furniture.

Rattan Furniture Care

  • Caring rattan living room furniture or any rattan furniture is not difficult. Daily you need to clean the rattan living room furniture with the clean dry cloth to avoid dust settling on it.
  • You can also use the damp cloth to remove any stain on the rattan living room furniture.
  • If you want to wash the rattan furniture then you can do so but make sure that before using its it should be sun dried properly.
  • In case of cushions for rattan living room furniture you must but the one that can be washed and care for easily, if you use the living room like a family room. In case of formal living room you can go with the cushions that need to be dry cleaned.
  • It is very easy to repair the rattan living room furniture. The repair shops can do it for you.
  • If you are using any kind of polish to clean the rattan living room furniture then make sure to use the same polish every time.
  • In order to remove dust from the intricate design use soft clean paint brush instead of cloth.
  • Go with the vacuum process for upholstery once in a week.
  • Avoid placing the rattan living room furniture in direct sunlight.