Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is made from the wicker that is a hard woven fiber. Wicker furniture can be made from plant originated wicker as well as from plastic wicker. Both the types of wicker furniture looks unique because of the different weaving pattern. Wicker from plant can be taken from cane of rattan stalks, reed and bamboo. Wicker is actually the weave in the furniture. Frame of the wicker living room furniture is made from the stiff and hard wicker whereas for weaving light yet strong material is used. If we look back in the history then baskets made from wicker furniture were used in many civilization. Even you will find the documentation showing the use of wicker baskets in Egyptian civilization as well. So there is also the range of antique wicker furniture but this is more expensive than the normal.
Wicker Furniture for Living Room
Wicker Furniture for
Living Room
Wicker furniture has the wooden-finish that makes it appropriate for the country style setting as well as for rustic living room. Wicker living room furniture is not only good looking bu also the most durable and strongest furniture. At the same times very less maintenance is required to maintain the wicker furniture. In addition to all these the wicker furniture costs less and easy to transport as very light in weight.

Wicker Living Room Furniture

Wicker living room furniture changes the tranquility of the room and make it more serene and peaceful. The casual appeal of the wicker furniture and especially the white wicker furniture is unmatchable. Not only the appeal but wicker furniture matches with any kind of interior decor. Wicker living room furniture that is made from rattan is of highest quality and while buying you must consider the quality and type of material used to make it.

Apart from this while buying the wicker living room furniture consider the weave patten and variety of material used to make it. You can get the wicker living room furniture in al most every style and design. Use the elegant wicker cushions to ameliorate the wicker furniture further. The cushions made from Khaddi or cotton matches the look of the wicker furniture.

Types of Wicker Living Room Furniture

Wicker sofa

Wicker sofa is the main part of wicker living room furniture. It can be one. Two or three seater. Along with this you can also get this in brown or white color. White wicker furniture looks very trendy for the living room.
Wicker sofa
Wicker sofa
Find different kinds of sofas

Wicker chair

You will find numerous designs and styles of wicker chair ranging from low back to very trendy and high back. It is all up to you, your style and type of interior decor that which type of wicker chair would you prefer for your living room.
Wicker chair
Wicker chair
Various kinds of chairs

Wicker ottoman

Wicker ottoman is perfect for the living room as it is a very stylish living room accessory as well as furniture. You can have a wicker ottoman and a glass top. This combination gel very well and make the presentable wicker furniture.